• What are the extra fees?

      There are none! Everything is built into packages you see on this site. Your consultation, setup, breakdown, and all equipment are all part of the standard package and fee.

    • What equipment do I need to provide?

      None! We'll bring everything for your event tuned, charged, full and ready to party. We'll set it all up and break it all down.

    • What if my ceremony and reception are in different locations?

      No problem! We have separate speakers and mic systems to use for a ceremony so all of your guests can hear the I do's and party to your walk out music!

    • What if I need to cancel after signing the contract?

      While we hope to earn your business at another time, we understand that life happens and plans change. If you need to cancel the contract just give us as much notice as you can and we'll never charge you a cancellation fee.

    • What if my reception and ceremony are outdoors with no access to power?

      We can handle it. With our solar powered battery generators we can run our entire system with no outlets or outside power. From a chic downtown warehouse to a rustic country wedding we can provide the lights and tunes to make your event happen.

    • What if you don't have the song I want?

      You'll have to try pretty hard to find a song that we don't have in our massive collection. But if there's a song you want that we don't have, just let us know and we'll get it so you can have every moment of your dream wedding.

    • Can I have some of the photos from the photo booth?

      You can have all of them. We provide a book and markers for your guests to share a copy of their photos with you! Additionally, simply bring a flash drive or external hard drive and we'll give you a digital copy of every photo taken. 

    • How many photos are included in a photo booth package?

      As many as your guests can take. We'll keep restocking the printer for as many pictures as your guests can take!

    • What's your MC and Announcement style?

      Whatever you want. We'll customize everything from our announcements to music style to suit your wishes. Looking for a calm and mellow reception, you got it! Ready to get your guests out of their seats and onto the dance floor, leave it to us.